The Avatar Path

The Avatar® Master Course

The Master Course takes place on nine consecutive days. These are extraordinary days where you forget time. The structure of the course and the exercises carried out bring to the surface deep contents that sometimes seem unbearable and threatening. But just a few sessions later you can laugh at yourself. And at the end of the week you feel like you have lived through a few lives (past and future).

The Master Course takes you behind the scenes and offers the opportunity to look at the phenomena experienced by Avatar and the results achieved from a completely new perspective.

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The Avatar® Professional Course

The Professional Course teaches presence and the deliberate creation of identity. It protects a being from the abrasions of the world. It provides the mental and emotional keys to successfully use your best talents in the world.

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The Avatar® Wizard Course

The Avatar Wizard Course gently guides you into the deepest realms of consciousness. You travel through the labyrinth of confusion and indoctrination that is generally thought to be awake consciousness. You travel further through the realms of the mind and subtle perceptions into the core of identities. Along the way you free awareness of forgotten, neglected and rejected issues that undermine your abilities and confidence. And finally, you arrive at the seat of the inexhaustible Self – the Wizard Self.

At the bottom of consciousness, face to face with the Divine, you find the nature that all share, the nature that can change the world unaffected by political intrigue.

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