What is Avatar?

The Avatar® Course is a set of practical and effective tools that allow people in a very short time to identify and change the conclusions, decisions and agreements that shape their lives.

They set new goals or renew old ones and use their rediscovered powers to create new possibilities and motivation and the courage to pursue their dreams.

But there is more to Avatar than personal development…

Course Content

Techniques for Self-realization

  • To promote skills, your understanding and acceptance of responsibility for decisions and their taking possession
  • Abilities to maintain an environment of non-evaluation in order to
    to empower and encourage ideas and participation.
  • Abilities to develop strengths from perceived weaknesses.
  • Ability to remove self-imposed limitations

Techniques to deal with a changing environment

  • Skills that allow flexibility and take advantage of a changing environment to the best of your ability
  • Ability to focus on goals with less resistance

Techniques to manage and resolve conflicts

  • Abilities to deal with interpersonal disagreements without emotional
    Dealing with attachment and keeping focus on intentions and goals
  • Ability to reduce resistance and dissolve obstacles

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