About me

In my life I have asked myself more than once how all this makes sense. Seeing no sense has frustrated me more than relieved me. This feeling and the desire for answers didn’t just go away, on the contrary, more and more questions came up. My path led me to meditation techniques, philosophical writings; I made a detour into religions and completed some workshops. In addition there were tons of books and information about what the way is.

In 2008 I found myself in the course room of an Avatar training. With a lot of knowledge in my head, I was very convinced that not much new could come now. I had been seriously mistaken.

One of the essential things that working with the Avatar tools has helped me is the ability to look again and again without already knowing it. And how to find valuable answers insight, instead of the outside. Contributing to a better world begins in one’s own consciousness. I’ve been working with the Avatar techniques every day ever since to align myself, set and pursue new goals, and help other people achieve the same.

If you feel that there must be more in life than what you experiencing right now, you are probably right. Contact me and try out Avatar; to take your life to another level, with more potential than you can imagine.

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