How to Improve Perception

How to improve perception, this question is probably as old as humans exist.

Imagine we all walk through the world with VR glasses that show in front of our lens exactly what we ourselves create as ideas, imaginations, and images. When we feel attacked, we see the attacker. When we are full of compassion, we see something that warms our hearts. And when we don’t care about other people, we walk through a world where there are just a lot of people who really don`t care.

One intention of VR glasses is to make virtual reality feel as real as possible – so real, in fact, that we totally forget we have VR glasses on. And from that perception, we make our daily life decisions.

Our consciousness is programmed in a similar way to VR glasses. Our consciousness filters what and how we perceive. To understand how to improve perception, we need to take another step back.

How we Filter our Perception

Let me explain what I mean by that. Sometimes I catch myself again and again that I already know without really looking or listening. I KNOW ALREADY, what my mother will say again, I WAIT ALREADY for the always same saying of my boss or I EXPECT ALREADY that the result of an election will turn out as if nothing would change again. My perception is sometimes much more shaped by assumptions than by really listening, looking and or observing. When you are fully present with what is happening, you can quickly see differences, changes, and how unique each moment is. To perceive more what really is, can be trained.

Probably everyone of us remembers moments in our own life where we just wanted to get confirmed once again what we already “knew”. Where we made mountains out of molehills, and then that mountain actually felt real. The crux of the story, there is or was no mountain in the real world, we are experts at creating mountains in our heads.

The Way Back to Improve Perception

A way back starts with you practicing to observe better. Like to discover things you didn’t know yet. This may be exhausting at the beginning and if you are like me, your mind will try to tell you that this is really a “waste of time”. Try it anyway. You train your way back into the overlap of “worlds” where a real connection with people takes place, you can better anticipate consequences and stop projecting your inner onto the outer world. It is the place where life happens and where you become better in learning, how to manifest.

The better you become at achieving this skill, the more successes you will be able to recognize in your life. Maybe conflicts will suddenly resolve, or a wave of old anger will disappear. And maybe after many years of repeated experiences, things will develop differently for the first time. In the present moment, you become quite awake. Things are interesting, liberating, and surprising.

Difficult you say? Yes, it may be.

I found this “take off the VR glasses path” through the Avatar Training. And I learned my own answer on, how to improve perception. For me, it was the wildest journey into my consciousness I’ve ever taken. And not only that, it was and is one of the most important.

Taking personal responsibility for our beliefs is a big step. It requires enormous courage, compassion and wisdom.

Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials

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