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When Life Needs an Update

My computer just asked me if I want to run the latest software update. I clicked on “Yes” without knowing that it would be down for the next hour. I had time to think about how much time we actually take in our lives for “updates” in our consciousness. Most of all, we would love it if EVERYTHING would ALWAYS… Read more →

How to Improve Perception

How to improve perception, this question is probably as old as humans exist. Imagine we all walk through the world with VR glasses that show in front of our lens exactly what we ourselves create as ideas, imaginations, and images. When we feel attacked, we see the attacker. When we are full of compassion, we see something that warms our… Read more →

Self-Determination or “My Life as a Democratic Process”

Democratic thinking and self-determination are both a good idea. Just not in the same “domain” of our lives. Most of us have a positive association with the word democracy. I looked it up in the dictionary. It means a political system that grants people the power over the state through free elections. Democratic principles govern our common coexistence if we… Read more →

Standing still

I work in Hamburg St Pauli, not far from the Bismarck statue, which towers above the city. The statue appears so sublime because it is built on an artificially created hill and has a large base so that the statue appears even higher and more impressive. Recently I learned that a Nazi bunker was built under the hill, which still… Read more →

Life under Digital Burning Glasses

I have just finished watching the documentary “The social media dilemma”. If you haven’t seen this documentary: It’s about the fact that formerly influential employees of big tech companies from Silicon Valley warn about how much power these companies got over the data of single individuals. That this data is deliberately manipulated in order to change behavior. And the long… Read more →

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