Learn to Manifest – Why Success is no Coincidence

How to learn to manifest? How many of us were once very successful with something, manifested something in our lives and then it stopped working?

If you are like me, this can be quite discouraging and you can really despair. “The universe had once a good day”. “Maybe something else is meant for me”. Or “it just wasn’t meant to be” – these are beliefs that may be floating around in our minds.

The Mysterium Around How to Learn to Manifest

Something I learned, while working with the books of Harry Palmer (author of the Avatar materials) was that this also means that you gave up too soon.

You gave up before you learned the skills that make your success and manifestation power no longer an accident but an actionable plan. How much of it is luck is actually determined by you in the end, based on your abilities to manifest.

The inner work in your consciousness is a very important and essential part of manifesting, if only because it makes you have perseverance. But it probably won’t help just to write down beliefs or visualize things all day at home. Your creative power is not a “waiting room”-state in ZEN mode. If you want to be in control of when it happens, you have to take actions with the intention of achieving your goal. You create possibilities of manifestation, so to speak, you go towards what you want to experience, you align your mind with your actions.

Why Skill Building is the Key

Through the Avatar Training I learned to develop skills that lead to success. I really recommend this to anyone who is striving for personal growth. And yes, being successful means developing many different skills that then lead to. Start with one of them – my experience is that they all lead to personal growth in the end.

The major things that are keeping you from greater success are the unknowns in your own mind.

Harry Palmer

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