How to Use Mindfulness to Change the Head Movie

Recovering mindfulness on a daily basis is one of the greatest daily practices for me.

For example, my laptop broke last week. Suddenly, without warning. It happened of course also just in a moment in which I was really dependent on it – in the middle of an Avatar Course 🙂. My partner was so nice and lent me his device and I had found already the next repair shop on the Internet. Actually, everything could have been fine again.

But unfortunately it wasn’t.

My attention was fixed to the situation and I seemed hardly able to think about anything differently. It felt like it was impossible to regain my mindfulness. Fortunately, I remembered that it must have something to do with me if I couldn’t get out of this thought carousel on my own. Then I did what I always do when I’m stuck. I did an exercise from Avatar Training.

Exploring the Repeating Mind Loop

While exploring this repeating loop of thoughts, I found some insightful beliefs like “it’s not the way I want it to be” (the life classic ever!), “it must not break yet” or “it’s not my fault”….all beliefs that created lots of resistance to what was currently happening in my life.

In addition, I had to admit to myself that I always felt a little “better” being the one who could help everyone with the tech problems and now was the one who needed help.

I had to laugh.

After that, I was able to relax again, accept and most importantly focus my attention on the things that really mattered to me at that moment, my Avatar students. I was back in the state of mindfulness.

I could accept that the circumstances had changed, that I could find a new way to accomplish the same thing AND that it was actually not such a big drama as I had made it out to be before.

What Regaining Mindfulness Does

You can probably already imagine what comes next. After I accepted the circumstances without exception, the computer started up again 2 days later, unexpectedly and on its own.

I learned something essential: “experiencing” my awareness, viewpoints and acceptance even has an impact on the physical universe. AND – there are always multiple paths that lead to the destination.

Clinging to one path makes you inflexible and grouchy.

The conditions of your life should be read at message that you are sending yourself.

Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials
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