When Life Needs an Update

My computer just asked me if I want to run the latest software update. I clicked on “Yes” without knowing that it would be down for the next hour.

I had time to think about how much time we actually take in our lives for “updates” in our consciousness. Most of all, we would love it if EVERYTHING would ALWAYS function and that we never have to experience an error message, glitch or unplanned distraction.

But that’s not how life is, not even a Macbook Pro is like that.

The Unpleasant Disturbances in Everyday Life

While waiting, it struck me how unappreciative I so often am for things that work. And, that almost everything in life needs care, attention and review. Taking the time and sometimes the money to do that, feels like a disruption in everyday life. Why is that? Maybe because many of us have an idea that things are just there and have to function, and that there are more important things, other than maintaining….

But, at the moment when our relationship is ruined, the body is full of pain or our car is finally broken, we realize that we could have done more to keep things alive.

How to improve and Extend Life

Sometimes in life we need an update. It’s those self-directed moments when we take time to reflect, when we step back and thereby take in new perspectives. One of the quickest and most comprehensive updates I know is to use one of the techniques from Avatar Training. Consciousness cleans itself up, rearranges itself, brings you up to date and makes you “functional” again.

How much time do you put into maintaining and refreshing your consciousness in your life?

Many people spend a great deal of time seeking gratification but almost no time experiencing gratitude.

Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials
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