Your wealth of experience: Make the most of the past

I used to feel like I didn’t know enough, and that gets in the way. The older I get, the more the feeling creeps up on me that some experiences I’ve already had are getting in my way even more.

This very thought,uster shows that basically we will always find a reason to justify our feeling of worry, doubt or anxiety to tackle or change things.

But what if instead we focus on making the best of everything?

If we embark on new things without already having experience in them, we should be excited about finding the answers little by little.

Even more important is the idea of looking at our accumulated experiences – whether positive or negative – as a valuable treasure that we can draw from when we need it. Yes, you read that right – when we need it.

Of course, digging into the past is not always useful. But at times, our history acts as a veritable treasure trove of wisdom.

Not every experience may immediately reveal itself as a source of wisdom, but that’s where self-development techniques, like Avatar Training, come in. Your life is your working material, and you may be able to gain insights from situations you’ve already lived through that will help you move forward in the present.

This path is not always easy, but it is precisely in the experiences that seem unbearable at the moment and that we would rather avoid for the future that the most important lessons for your personal development could be found – opportunities for growth.

Every experience you turn into such a source of wisdom (and I don’t just mean theoretical knowledge, but a liberated feeling when looking back) expands your treasure.And if you have a great treasure of wisdom, you may be able to make wiser life decisions.

Interested in digging up your treasure?

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