My turbo to handle change

I don’t like trouble. I don’t know anybody who likes it. Sometimes something happens that you didn’t expect and maybe you can’t always deal with.
There is this wisdom, if you can’t change things, you can at least change your mind.
For a very long time, this has made me feel like white hot. I just didn’t manage it with long-term permanence and then I still had the same old feeling. Today I know that it has actually only stayed with trying rather than actually seeing things from a different point of view when something particularly disturbed me. I just told myself in such moments that I would see it differently. That was exhausting and when I relaxed again, the original old opinion was back. It just sounds so simple, but when you have a fixed point of view (for me those are moments when I’m angry, extremely angry, totally annoyed, or when I feel cheated, badly treated or I’m very sure I’m right), it feels impossible to take other views.
What I’ve learned: I’m not incapable of seeing things from other perspectives, it just takes willingness and a good technique to tackle it.

With the Avatar techniques, I learned how this works. And since I know how it works, I don’t want to stop working with it anymore. Seeing things from different perspectives is the most effective thing I’ve ever done. You don’t even need other people or opinions anymore, you can give them those points of view yourself.
I think in a fast-changing world a fast change in consciousness and thinking is helpful. What is helpful today may be obsolete tomorrow. That may be hard to accept, but useful if you can apply it.

Are you interested in new perspectives on yourself, your life, the events and the people around you? Contact me and learn a new technique on how to change your point of view and get completely new information.

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