“Oh, you were part of the project, too? We didn’t even notice you.”

I was this kind of person who hated stages and always tried to find a way out of not having to present. I often stayed in the second row and read to others while I watched what happened. “Oh, you were part of the project too? We didn’t even notice you,” I heard that sentence more than once.

Of course I was totally convinced that it wasn’t necessary to push me to the forefront now. And of course there was always someone there who did it better than I ever could (mostly a man). But at the same time there was this feeling that it would be cool to be able to have this ability as well – to speak on stage or in front of people and to be real and authentic. Friends let me know that this was total bullshit, that I couldn’t present, and yet I didn’t feel like it.

At some point I started working on the Avatar® techniques because deep down I had this feeling that I wasn’t really myself in these situations. I found a lot of self-sabotaging beliefs that became a way of life that I accepted as something right. I found beliefs that it’s totally OK to stay in the comfort zone and let others do the work and at the same time give up the responsibility and somehow go along with big things.

I have integrated these beliefs with the exercises and then decided that I want to show myself more with things that are important to me and that I want and can take responsibility for them. I know that I was stretched through a few moments and situations that didn’t feel so great and it was overcoming – but at the same time I became more myself without having to bend myself or copy someone else.

This year I created a lot of possibilities to speak on stage or in front of a lot of people. Slowly I start to really like it. Since I’ve been organizing events in my job for years, I experience all too often how many women do it and how difficult it is to get women on stage. Girls, now is your time!

What is the thing in your life that you could convince 100 people from the stand that you are not made for it, but at the same time would like to do it so much? Contact me for a free Avatar Info lesson – Learn more about the power of attention and find new perspectives on everything you are interested in exploring.

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