How the “Corona time” taught me to be humble

I had an insight yesterday. I was tired and dissatisfied with the overall situation I was in, including the people around me. I had set my mind on a lot of things I wanted to do in my life in the last few weeks with Corona and it seemed that a lot of it was not moving the way I wanted it to.

And then I was back in the two very familiar states that I knew very well from my life: Either I could continue to work but be dissatisfied all the time OR give up my goals, which relaxed me at first but became so insanely depressing. There was nothing in between.

After an Avatar exercise I realized how much I was attached to the mindset and the conviction that everything I do has to create an achievement and only then can I be happy. Performance was my only measure of success, there was no other.

Where do these old belief come from, which constantly “dictate” what is right and wrong?

With a new look at things I could see that I had achieved a lot. I could feel humility for a path that you sometimes have to take to reach your goal. I could feel gratitude for all the inner work, which you just can’t always see on the outside, but which helps you to be happy. And I could feel appreciation for the discipline I put in without being motivated by short-term successes alone.

Afterwards something relaxed and by the way moved. What I learned is that the path to the goal is not always straight. The pressure to perform and the need to pass the many curves means that you can miss the bouquet of free luck on the edge.

Each moment that you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world.

Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials
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