I am sorry to say – it’s not the others

Imagine if we had made all the world’s resources sustainable. We might have managed to use all the money in the world to ensure that everyone had enough food. The issue of climate protection would be the focus of attention in every country. And we would be developing remedies against the deadliest diseases – weapons would have been banned for a long time. Imagine if we had everything we think is the solution to what the world needs. It may sound hard, but this situation would not last long if we did not make a change in thinking at the same time. If I remember correctly, Eckhart Tolle has put it wonderfully in these or other words: We could live in the most dreamlike paradise and it is possible that our head manages to get us into trouble again in the next 10 minutes and start fighting. Then give him a little more time and we would have a similar condition as before in this world.

The mind with an unchanged mindset, trained for years on competition, survival and satisfaction must experience at least the same transformation as those we wish in the world. Courageous attitudes that are more compassionate towards all life, tolerance and curiosity towards diversity, willingness to cooperate, seeking common solutions and personal responsibility for one’s own thinking.

But how can this be achieved? How can this work?

Taking responsibility for our own reflection in this world may be a beginning. Getting over old grudges, doing the effort to give up one’s righteousness or deciding to do something you have never done before, all examples of how to get started right away. You can always do this work, no one else has to change for that, it means taking responsibility. And it creates exactly the breeding ground for something to change on the outside, too.

You may not be able to move the whole world to a more awake point of view overnight, but you can do that in your world. Care, compassion and personal responsibility are all qualities that cannot be bought for any money in the world. It is even difficult to teach without creating a new dogma. Because how do we expect a war in the Middle East to end or politics to come to an agreement if we are not prepared to seek peace with our own neighbors or family members?

The journey must start inside in order to be successful outside. Who is with me?

Self realization is about taking control of who you allow to influence your private universe.

Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials
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