Unfuck your Life Pile Ups

And, “What else are you going to do with your life”, “When are you going to start planning a family”, “There will be the right person for you out there”, all sentences that have plunged me into trouble or into a total blackout more than once in my life. I quickly learned that instead of talking my head off, I prefer to counter with standard answers that can be retrieved without further questioning. If I had been honest, I would have said, “I have a thousand damn important dreams, none of them I could realize, I just stopped believing in them”. Of course I didn’t want to admit that.

The feeling was to be reminded of my own failure, because I couldn’t always achieve everything I wanted so much or I put my heart into something that backfired in the end.

There were times when my life strategy consisted of doing things where nothing could go wrong, like sitting on the sofa and watching one Netflix series after another. A place that was simply SAFE and from which I could observe and judge others as they lived their lives, maybe even one that I would have liked to have myself.

Of course, that’s not the only way to deal with something like that. With Avatar, I learned that you can explore circumstances to investigate the causes why you didn’t achieve something you wanted so much. Of course, that’s easy said, because sometimes the very idea of even going there again triggers tons of resistance…

But maybe it’s exactly the magic moment when you give something a chance, which you actually don’t think is possible. You dare to take another look at it. What do you have to lose? I was always surprised, a little work in consciousness can bring amazing things to light. Insights emerge and take you like an escalator out of the serious victim swamp into responsibility. You begin to recognize connections and notice the opportunities in which you would act differently next time, the courage comes back. Lesson learned!

There is one thing you can rely on: no matter what you are going through, every morning the sun comes up, things change – constantly – that’s how the universe works! And hey…I have nothing against wellness weekends, but if it’s the only thing you fill your life with, you might have missed a lot of exciting things along the way. People who are really successful know the escalator way up and down. Why not just get better at making mistakes?

What is it that you dream about what you’ve already have given up? What do you want to create, leave behind, move or set in motion? What vision makes you feel jump out of bed in the morning? Or in other words, where is the universe kicking you on the shin because you need to get your ass into gear.

Are you interested in exploring this, throw perfectionism overboard and take a new look? Get in touch with me and I will show you techniques how to get into your power. And even if you cannot imagine it right now, it is never too late to start!

What you think of as an impossible dream might be reasonable if you thought differently.

Harry Palmer
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